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  • What’s your favorite thing to cook? Nothing 😃 I love take aways.

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  • Loyalty in Marriage

    Loyalty in marriage refers to the faithfulness and commitment shown by each partner to each other in a marital relationship. This includes being honest, trustworthy, and supportive, and refraining from actions that could harm the relationship, such as infidelity or deceit. Loyalty helps to build a strong and lasting bond between partners, and is essential…

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  • Balancing the Demands of Motherhood and Marriage

    “Balancing the Demands of Motherhood and Marriage: Navigating Life as a Struggling Wife with Kids” Being a wife and a mother is a rewarding but challenging role. As a wife, you have to manage your household, maintain your relationship with your spouse, and care for your children. All these responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when…

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  • Story – I am a BIG girl (by my little girl)

    Story – I am a BIG girl (by my little girl)

    I am a big girl ! Written by : Ayza Zoharin A note from jameela I am Jameela Hena . I am a big girl , but my family don’t think that . I will say you one story about it . “ Jameela , brush your hair “ My father said . “ No I won’t “, I replied . “ C’mon brush you hair “ my father said again . “ I am a big girl “  I Screamed back . “  Well your friends…

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  • Favour and disaster

    Are you revolving yourself around your favorite child Then your life is a DISASTER Partiality is a killer

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