Indulge in nature !

There is something addictive when you get relaxed from a hectic schedule to a relaxing and soothing Mother Nature.

You get hooked into it so much that you completely forget about your busy schedules and work loads.

Was on vacation at home town, did not miss even a minute without pampering myself in loving climate with rains, my nostalgic memories and all yummy tastes I usually crave for.

One among them is the fruit named jack-fruit. Biggest among them and yummiest.

I would not miss this fruit if it’s available the time I reach my place.

The benefits of this fruit is so vast .

But the new generation nowadays is running away from it. Also has a little knowledge about it.

Do not miss these types of miracles of nature which is yummiest, healthiest and everything a food can be, altogether inside a one big round.

Indulge in nature and live a relaxed life ! at least on vacations and getaways.
Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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