Trekking Ranipuram – Queen of Malabar

Ranipuram, formerly named Maadathumala is a hill station located in the district of Kasaragod in Kerala, India. It is truly a beautiful trekking spot.


The trekking journey starts from a tourist home at the foothill. The way to the top gives you the raw untouched forest with those natural sounds. But beware of the leeches  and slippery pathway during the monsoon season. Carry salt with you as a weapon against the leeches. Do not forget to take 1 or 2 bottles of water to get hold of it at the top once you get exhausted and also something to munch on.

We started journey at 9 in the morning with a group of companions and a guide with our energy meter at its fullest. There are two ways to get to the top, one with a proper shown path and other with just jungle vines. The climbing was fun more than an adventure. We formed a human chain support system for trekking. That was indeed more fun.


We found some elephant dungs on the way and yea elephant noises so near which was a little scary. Do not give a damn to the noises around. Be focused on your path, your goal is a lifetime achievement. It takes about 45 minutes to the top which makes you realize how healthy and smart is your body and health. Most of the pathway is through the Shola forest.

Ranipuram kasargod mini ooty kerala trips 2

At the end we reached a grassland area of the top hill which is your ultimate destination. By the time you see this point you would have exhausted, but at this point you just want to get to the ultimate top asap and free all the exhaustion you’ve taken up. And this is the reward of all your efforts through the forest giving the mesmerizing view at a very good altitude with the shining sun kissing just above your head and a cool breeze. The cool breeze will be found so soothing that you feel like you have shed all the tiredness having your foot on top of the world.

With the energy meter at its low do not expect anything for your ease at the top. There is nothing much on the top, anything like a seat. The only thing you get at the top is the magnificent view which will be the one of the most precious one in your life.

We enjoyed the beauty of the view, Green hills with some of them covered by fog. Enjoy some time at the top and indulge yourself in the mother nature escaping from all of the tensions back home.

Thanks to the mobile network coverage giving complete freedom from the robotic real life. You will not be able to be connected with the rest of the world throughout your journey cos of the little or no network coverage. You will be lucky enough to get a signal only if the wind favors.

Our empty stomach made our return trek a hurry reaching the foothill in just half an hour. The return path is just awesome as you speed your way through the forest without any stops. The steep path will not give you a gap for rest. So better go with the flow and reach the foot asap.

There are also other trek paths to TalaCauvery and Kottagiri from Ranipuram.

Reaching there is possible only by road from Kasaragod(65km) or Kanhangad(45 km) in Kerala. Hire a vehicle till the foot of Ranipuram.

This trekking was one of the best memorable accomplished adventure.

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