Light Rose Blush (Product Review)


Milani Tea Rose Pink is a very pigmented, ultra matte finish dusty blush. As the name says the color can be described as light rose. It is a fine soft powder with a dry powdery texture.

This powder is not much chalky but has an excess powder effect making it difficult to stick to a bare skin.You need something to get hold the color to the skin, with a moisturizer or foundation.

Yea it would stay long on foundations rather than bare skin. Just a swirl of it will give you a decent color.You can blend in for more if needed but be sure to have a good base so that it wont turn loose.

The Tea Rose shade is to the pinker side, a medium shade of pink. It is a little hard to blend. Recommended to use a bushy brush to blend out light with a sheer finish. Be sure to tap off the excess powder as this one has dry nature which tends to look patchy.

A light dusting on the cheeks will give you a seamless finish.

The appealing pretty rose design on it has a 3D look with a raised full bloom rose. This design is not an imprint on top and so it would last till almost the end of the product.


Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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