Escape to the Mamzar Beach


The Mamzar Beach is a beautiful massive, which is the most desirable beaches for residents and tourists. It features 5 beaches around, each has many sheltered areas and changing rooms. The admission is free to this hidden gem of Dubai.

There are bike paths and jogging path which makes it a favorite one for the residents around. In the end of the long stretch beach there are options for private jet skiing for the adventure lovers. There are life guards on duty around the beach. You can see many food kiosks around the area and also many grassy areas for a picnic too.


If you are in mood for some more, head over to the beach park with a minimal entry fee. You can find more options at the Mamzar Beach Park.


Whether you wanna just stroll on the beach, picnic on the lawn, play at the playground, skate/bicycle around the park, or even swim at a swimming pool, all of the type of activities you look for are in there. If want to get it all take a ride on the scenic train inside the park. You can rent sun loungers or even chalets on a day basis inside the park.

Plan a picnic the next weekend if you are in Dubai. Get the most out of summer. Chill out in the sea at Mamzar.

It is truly a beautiful beach. It is one of the most desirable beaches to visit when you are in UAE.


Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.




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