The Secret Beach Affair

DSC_2559.JPGThe Jumeirah Beach located around the Sunset Mall area in Jumeirah Dubai is the one of the secret beaches which you would long for. Most people in Dubai love spending some quality time at the beaches. But every beaches you go you get to see the crowd and its difficult to find one that’s empty enough.

This beach is not preferred for most of them cos of the unappealing look with no dining or other facilities like the so many beautiful beaches in Dubai. If you are looking for something like this head to this Secret beach in Jumeirah.


You will find people like you rather than empty but you can guarantee that this beach is much emptier than your usual beach locations. The beach officials and securities are there for sure, not that empty ;). There are dress changing cabins alongside the beach. Swimming after sunset is not allowed.

The jogging track in Jumeirah runs through here. The jogging track along the walking path also gives options for your health assignments.

A cost free beach, a calm and quiet place for families to relax, enjoy swimming and get yourself soaked in the beautiful sea and coastal sands of Jumeirah.

Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.


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