Matte at its Comfort (Product review)

If you are looking for a bold creamy option in lipsticks this is the one you should have your hands on. The Urban Decay one of the best for lipsticks with its 100 shades in six finishes. The finishes include…

  • Mega Matte, a very intense matte formula
  • Comfort Matte, a creamy matte
  • Cream, a luxurious creamy formula
  • Metallized, a creamy texture with pearl pigments
  • Sheer, a shiny texture
  • Sheer Shimmer, a smooth texture with light pearl finish

The Comfort Matte is the creamy matte, the most favorable among these offers you very comfortable wear all day long with its smooth creamy formula.
It does lasts very much longer with fading evenly and leaving very nice amount of stain on your lips when worn off. Another reason for you to buy is that it does not dry out lips at all that too with that perfect matte finish.

It is so pigmented that you need only one sweep of it which stains every corner of your lip including the fine lines. The product does not have any scent or taste. And the packaging is very classy and luxurious. The colors it comes with, are so vibrant and pretty that you will not leave without choosing one.

This is surely getting your money’s worth with all that loving aspects say the matte, the creamy, the long lasting, the evenly fading, the pigmented and much more.

Two of the favorite shades are the Backtalk and 1993 which is just love. Love the natural perfection it gives.


Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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