The Beach and The Fort

The Bekal fort beach Pallikere or the Pallikere Beach is a calm and beautiful beach overlooking the great Bekal fort in Kerala.

The Bekal fort is a very famous tourist destination along the beautiful sea and unending horizon. The sea here is lined with huge rocks making the view even more amazing when the waves hit the rocks. The fort is now renovated from the ruins and is now filled with tourist amenities.


The fort has an amazing defense strategy and that is the specialty of this fort. A ancient monument of the works of the artisans of that time. You can also feel the religious harmony that was built up during the ancient time. An awesome place to be if you are travelling to Kerala.


The Pallikere beach is located in the north western most part of Kerala. This place boasts about its shallow beach and amazing view of the Bekal Fort.


The coconut trees around and the bushes adds to the beauty of this beach. It has now become a favorite picnic spot to the nearby. A very well children’s park is also located near the beach.

The beach is 1 km away from the Bekal Fort and that is what it adds to its beauty overlooking the ancient fort with its pride.

A very ideal place for tourist leisure. You can go swimming in the clean and clear sea or sun bath at the beach. You will feel very peaceful at this serene beach of Kerala. The most preferable months for travelling to Kerala is from November to March.


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