Fujairah travel diary

Exploring Fujairah. Fujairah is the only Emirate of the UAE that is almost totally mountainous. Stone mountains as its name from an Arabic word meaning.

The road journey is picturesque with natural features. Road passes through the mountains giving a mesmerising view of Hajjar mountains. You will come across deep wadis and huge rocks. Take a shot of yourself in this nature’s beauty when you go across the Hajjar mountains.


Another beautiful spot on the roadway to Fujairah which includes a house and surroundings built in a very traditional Arabic style which is not a tourist spot till but is a place worth a picture.

This lovely place has a traditional houses and a mosque and this is located exactly after the 3 sharks roundabout opposite to the Fujairah Rotana Resort.


Just a couple of km away from this place of beauty is the Snoopy island which is known for its strong sea nature. As the name says the island looks like the character Snoopy the dog. This is a place for snorkeling lovers and divers who loves to explore the marine life.


This place boasts about its varied species of marine life and corals which makes it a favorite place for the snorkelers and swimmer rather than divers.

One of the UAE’s oldest mosque – Al Bidya mosque built around more than 500 years ago is in Fujairah. This mosque is located on the road between Al Aqqa and KhorFakkan.


On the hill behind this old mosque there is a guard tower. Take a walk to the tower in the stones.

The mosque interiors are renovated with the olden looks giving the tourists a feel of the ancient architecture.


Fujairah is an emirate of UAE with traditions, forts and mesmerizing nature with mountains and sea. A must visit if you come to Dubai.


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