Exploring Khasab – Norway of Arabia

A sea urchin which belongs to Khasab, met during the trip to the Norway of Arabia. He/She was extremely beautiful which reminds how beautiful the mother nature is.


Belonging to the sultanate of Oman, the Musandam peninsula is separated from the rest of Oman by UAE, is the northernmost part of the country. With an approximately 30000 total population, the peninsula is divided into four : Khasab, Bhuka, Dibba and Mudha.

Khasab has become a popular weekend destination for the people living in UAE. One can easily reach Khasab from UAE taking the northern road towards Ras al Khaimah through the border. An enjoying road trip to Khasab through the beautiful and mesmerising views of cliffs and sea is surely breathtaking. The road from the UAE border to Khasab an hour journey is the most beautiful part of the trip.


Khasab has a number of shopping areas now which includes the famous “LuLu” hypermarket and a few hotels including the Khasab hotel, Atana hotels which are built overlooking the beauty of the Persian Gulf.



One of the tourist spot is the Khasab castle, built by the Portuguese in the 17th century has been transformed to a museum representing the unique heritage of Musandam.


Another tourist activity to be not missed is the Dhow cruise which takes you to the beautiful coast of Musandam. The trip includes the dolphin views and a visit to the Telegraph Island. The island was once served as site for a manned telegraph repeater station on the cable section between Bahrain and Bombay,India in 80’s.


The coast is also a place for diving lovers. There are points where you can swim along with fishes, snorkeling with a diving mask and swim-fins which will be provided by the dhow tour guide exploring Fjords, the towering fjords.


A lovely weekend getaway from UAE. It is just around 3 hours journey from Dubai and you will love the trip more by road enjoying the cliffs and beauty of the blue sea.

Plan your next weekend to Khasab. Just amazing !!!


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