Lip Liner Love (Product Review)

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The Essence lip liners are great with a creamy and soft texture. These are seriously pigmented liners that it has enough color to be worn on their own without a lipstick.

An easy to apply formula with an amazing pigmentation it is  every girl’s item in their essentials list. Being an inexpensive product it makes you love this product and own all of the shades it comes with.

Even though they are a bit drying, but it does not show up the imperfections. Is very pleasant to wear upon the creamy softness with their thin tips blending effortlessly. They cover the lips with just one swipe. These liners give you a matte look on lips and fades out evenly from lips only after four- five hours.

Some of the shades in them are here. Own them all. The long lasting liners you will die for.

  • In the nude (the nude tone)
  • Hot chocolate (the chocolate tone)
  • Wish Me a Rose (pinky nude)
  • Satin Mauve (mauve in purple)
  • Soft Berry (brownish)
  • Cute Pink (pinkish)
  • Honey bun (a darker nude)
  • Lovely frappuccino (darker plum)
  • Plum cake (plum)
  • Yummy Berry (pinker plum)
  • Honey Berry (fuchsia side)
  • Femme Fatale (classic red)
  • Red Blush (darker red)


Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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