Majlis & Mandi – Bonding with LOVE (Food Review)


Mandi, is a traditional Arabic dish with its origin in Yemen, is cooked either with Chicken or Lamb. It is traditionally slow cooked in a tandoor which makes the meat extremely delicious with its tender and juicy texture and is served with aromatic rice.

Majlis is the Arabic style floor seating which is actually very good concept for bonding relationships. You sit in a style free cozy nature which would help you come down to earth perfect for bonding and building love in relations.


The Bait Al Mandi is very popular in town and one of the best Mandi rice is the Chicken Mandi and Mutton Mandi which we get from their restaurant. It has branches all over UAE. It has private majlis cabins to experience a cozy family privacy.


The meat is so deliciously tender and the rice the aromatic one a perfect combination. They serve a tomato sauce pickle and yogurt, salad leaves with lemon and a cup of soup before the mandi arrives. The rice portions are huge for a very happy yummy tummy. You also get the best Kunafa and Kahva here. Kahva and dates are free of charge. It is the best free tea in the town :).

It would cost AED 80 for two. Definitely worth the price to taste the traditional taste of Yemen.
Book a majlis and have the best mandi in the town. Enjoy some free moments of bonding at the majlis with the aromatic taste of Yemen.

Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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