Bringing Children Closer to Nature – A Challenge of Today

Being closer to mother nature is a big challenge of this time. Lucky is those who have it in their childhood memories. As a parent of today, you have the responsibility of bringing up the relationship with nature for your child.

Some of the innocent toys of  those age when there were no gadgets and internet is now having its position in papers and articles only. Parents doesn’t like their children playing in those leaves and mud.

One among it is the wrist watch, the colloquial name “Ola Watch”, a coconut tree ‘branded’ wrist watch. Watch the video to see how it is made.

img_1898-copyThis was also made with a smaller round to make finger rings. The kids of those times were very proud to wear these watches in their wrists.

Now these are just monument of that innocence age. A wonderful time never to be forgot to those who enjoyed this type of childhood where toys were made instantly with natural materials and when the whole human race was much closer to nature being the real social beings.

‘Social beings’ nowadays are being shifted to ‘digital beings’.


This is yet another instant innocent cutlery using natural materials. This is called “Plaavila Kori” in the local language, is a spoon made out of the leaf of a jack fruit tree to have rice porridge.



It is made to the shape of a spoon using a small twig pinned in the shape to hold it together.

( These are some of the nostalgic monuments for the people in the coastal areas of Kerala in India.)

Those days were much more free in nature not bothering about the brands and having yourself indulged in nature which is very important for a man to keep up himself.
Today nobody will notice such wrist watches, cutlery & more unless it is branded.

The whole concept of life was around the mother nature which has now shifted to as being natural is something odd and using natural products is for the privileged ones.

There are much more monuments of those wonderful times like these….  The gadgets, simulation games and plastic toys are the ones, the modern kids are familiar.

Parents should take time for keeping their children close to nature in all aspects. Naturalize yourself and your loved ones in this digital era and that’s a CHALLENGE.

Do you have any nostalgic innocent toys like these ??? Are you lucky enough to have such type of childhoods ?


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