Mini OOTY aka Cherupadi Mala – Swim at the top

Cheruppadi mala is one of the very beautiful unknown hillstation in Kerala, India.
It also has the name “Mini Ooty” cos the climate there is similar to that of Ooty, TamilNadu. It is cooler than the down hill and areas around.

This place is geographically located in Malappuram district in Kerala, near by the place named Pookottur.


In monsoon season you will come to see the lush greenaries all around with a very cozy weather. There is a nice quarry lake filled with natural water in monsoons, a very best place if you are an adventurous person. People come over here for swimming in weekends.


In mornings and evenings you will see a thick fog blanket covering up the hills which is truly a mesmerizing view. The true beauty of the mother nature.


The place is near to the Calicut International airport in Kondotty. As you are at the top you can see landing and taking off flights like an aerial view.



The hillstation is only 30 min away from the Calicut International airport. Do not expect any type of tourist amenities as this place has hardly been discovered as a tourist spot. But it is a naturally beautiful spot for hill station lovers with a natural swimming pool.

Pack up on weekends to this natural swimming experience at the top of the hill.


Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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