Grandma – A soothing & pampering vacation destination

Grandma is a bit parent, a bit teacher, and a whole best friend.

I love the moment when grandma tells mom to leave me alone(when i bring up some mess lol ). Grand-moms are those angels which directly look into your heart to the see things that are invisible by eyes. They are truly a blessing for all the children.

Whenever you have vacations always try visiting grandparents. The best soothing and pampering solution for yourself.

I was at my grandma’s place on my last vacation. In spite of her old age problems she always cooks herself for her grandchildren. She is truly a very passionate cook with lots of culinary skills than the best chefs in the world. In her youth if there was this digital era she would have been a very famous chef.

I love and cherish each moments spent with her and i usually doesn’t miss out the chance to be with her at least on my vacations. This time the menu was the grandma special Mixed Fried Rice and Honey-Chilli Chicken.


The fried rice was with chicken, vegetables and prawns and it was yummylicious. The Honey Chilli chicken, my grandma’s version of my recipe Honey Chicken with special touch of chilli.


Grandma’s prayers are the reason a lot of us are still here. She always make me feel as if she had been waiting to see just u the whole day long.

Grandmas are moms with yummy beautiful frosting. 🙂 🙂

Share if you agree…. Share your moments with ur grandma…..


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