A visit to the ancestral home

Travelling to your ancestral home takes you back into those chapters of life were the roots are still firm. It has been so lucky for me to be there at this wonderful ancient piece of architecture. Having its glory and pride as same as that it had in its newest form. The house is having a marvelous  interior decoration that would even last for many many more years than its actual age.

The interiors of this lovely ancestral home of mine truly inspired me with the whole wooden involvement which is the actual factor of its glory in this very modern age.

The roofs are still intact with those old fashioned clay tiles. This type of roofs has its own beauty and ya its much more pleasant and colder comparing to the modern cement roofs. In olden days they used to keep a glass piece instead of a clay tile in the roof so as to get the sunlight for the room. i.e. u need no electricity till dark.


The doors are like a package which has a inbuilt shelf which was the showcase area of the olden times. The olden doors are very strong enough than our latest security measures.


The most inspired piece of art of the olden times was the specially designed wooden ceilings. This ceilings were built long long ago and has its beauty and comfort at its today. The rooms with this ceilings are always cold enough to comfort without a cooler/fan.


Another best architectural design is the old style sliding window which slides a little bit to close/open the view. When its is closed the view is completely blocked cos of the wooden factor. Everything in it is wooden; the frame, the bars and the whole mechanism is built in wood.



The stairway of this ancestral home is a little huge enough to run up/down the stairs. You need that actual stamina of yours to get through. But it is something like a great exercise in those days without the fitness programs & centers ;).


This was my visit to my paternal ancestral home where nearly five generations have stayed and still its on. The place is fit enough for even more generations. In the day of now, houses have the guarantee for just about 10 years.

Hats off to the olden architects and carpenters who did this marvelous art work that lasts this long and on.


Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.


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