Popcorn, the gourmet way (Food Review)

Have you had these gourmet popcorns ??? Do you love those flavoured popcorns ???

Poparazzi’s popcorn is the perfect place to munch on some delicious popcorns in a variety of tastes. Popcorn lovers ..!!


A very freshly popped corn and a very crispy one. The amount of a serving is also very huge. Being a caramel flavour lover had it to the fullest keeping in mind the fact that eating popcorn does contribute to weight loss….;) ;).

It was perfectly crunchy, sticky and covered with the perfect amount of sugar.

This is the tastiest caramel popcorn with the perfection in the amount of caramel coating on each pop. The caramel taste is so authentic and yummy, truly a gourmet popcorn.

Have been searching for the yummiest popcorn in varieties and the search ends here.

They have outlets in the US and UAE. They have outlets in most of the malls in UAE. Next time you think of popcorn, go Poparazzi’s…

Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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