The night eat out in Sharjah (Food Review)

A pocket-friendly place which serves yummy Arabic cuisine. Happened to have the taste of their shawarmas and they are super delicious. The best juicy chicken which tasted like a grilled chicken is the specialty of this shawarma. The Iraqi shawarma with a soft tasty bread is absolutely awesome. The SAAJ shawarma is also very tasty.

Shawarmas and manakish’s are just perfect here. Freshly cooked kunafa is yet another delicacy. A spot for Arabic food lovers. This place gives out the best taste in a very reasonable price with a super fast service.

A great recommendation for all those night eaters when you are in Sharjah.

If you are roaming in and around Sharjah do try these eating spot located in different parts of Sharjah. They have outlets in Gulaaya, Butina, Majaz 3, Fisht areas & many more areas in Sharjah, have seen many of them alongside the road to Ajman from Al Khan, Sharjah.

This place will give you the worth more than the money. Yummy.
Totally recommend.

Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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