Escape to one of these Camping locations in UAE this winter 

As the winter is cooling up UAE,  residents are rushing to the urban, to feel the nature in this cool months.

Here is a list of popular camping destinations in UAE you head to in weekends and relax.

  1. Ras Al Khaimah : RAK is a very popular among adventure lovers for its trekking destination. There are also many camping sites.

    • One among them is the Bedouin Oasis Desert Camp giving you the authentic tribal lifestyle feel with goat hairs tents and gas lights in tents. Several activities are also taking place at this place like dune bashing, camel rides, henna, etc…
    • Mizra and Awafi desert areas are yet another camping sites where you can pitch your own tents, lit up and go for a bbq night in the cool weather.
    • Another one is the Wadi Bih, a camping location close to goat farms and villages,  which is also known as the Grand Canyon of the UAE. You can relax here with the view of the natural beauty of Hajjar mountains.
  2. Umm Al Quwain : Famous for its camping sites mostly along the beach.

    • Al Rafaah area – There are many fishing villages which have become a favorite camping location with a calm and peaceful nature along the beach. You can also go kayaking if you are a water sports lover.
    • Al Raas area – With mangrove forests around here, you get to see flamingos and other wild birds while you relax. Do not forget to take your binoculars to get better views of the wild.
    • UAQ Marine Club – A calm camping site inside their premises where you can spend the whole day by the sea enjoying other amenities like swimming pool, adventurous activities in the day and making bbq in the night. Need to book in advance.
  3. Fujairah : Popular for its beach & fishing camping sites.

    • Beautiful beaches which have become a favorite destination in winters among UAE residents includes the area near Al Aqah beach resort and Sandy Beach hotel. A popular spot for fishing lovers where you get to find many varieties of fish which is not available in Dubai.
  4. Abu Dhabi : A place with many serene beaches & islands make it perfect for camping.

    • Al Dhafra beach – A beautiful scenic spot which also offers you the sighting of turtles and flamingos. Also a great place for fishing, diving, snorkeling & standup paddle boarding. Do not forget to take your swimming gear.
    • Pearl Coast – A beach spot along the road to Qatar past Abu Dhabi with perfect camping sites all to yourself. Mirfa and Jebel Dhanna are attractive beach spots.
    • Delma island, a desert island. You can take a ferry from Jebel Dhanna to reach here.
    • Sila areas would take you to furthermore remote areas of Abu Dhabi, but a very scenic beauty with pristine white and with pink flamingos sighting.

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