Last Exit – Food Truck Park


A foodie destination worth visiting in Dubai has been opened earlier in July in UAE. This place is one of a kind and you should no miss this one if you are in Dubai. This is totally a unique drive-thru experience for a foodie. The built of it will give you a throwback to the early 1950’s.

The restroom and seating area here are made of unique accessories. the wash basins in there are those heavy tyres with a pedal at the floor to open the taps. The seating is also made of tyres. Some of the tables are those heavy big drums and those crates with plants. The hooks and handles are spanners and screwdrivers. In short, the whole area is designed with a touch of mechanical components looks like a mechanical workshop. The walls are covered with car garage posters of olden times. There are number plates, rustic tyres, metal and wrought-iron accessories and other accessories related to car and garage all around the place.


The facilities include kids play area, washrooms, prayer rooms, charge boxes, a mini mart, ATM & more. There is a small Shell petrol bunk where kids can imitate play fuelling cars.

This destination is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road easily accessible and discoverable. And is open 24/7. This has become a favorite spot for those who travel to and fro Dubai and Abudhabi whether it’s chosen for an early morning or for those late night hang outs.

Highly recommend visiting once to experience the unique ambiance.

Just SHINE with #TheLadyLight.

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