Mango Cheesecake Pudding


  • Ripe Mango chopped – 2 cup
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Condensed milk – 1 cup
  • China grass(Agar agar) – 5 gms
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp(adjust as per taste)
  • Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  • Water – 3-4 tbsp(for soaking china grass)
  • Biscuit crumbs -2 cups
  • Butter – 3 tbsp

Soak China grass in the water.
Combine biscuit crumbs and butter, press onto the base of a pudding mold. Refrigerate it.
Blend the mango pieces in a blender and make a puree.

In a saucepan melt the soaked china grass stirring frequently.
Take another pan, add mango puree, milk, condensed milk and sugar and mix well. Heat on a low flame. Add vanilla essence.
Heat until it gets really hot but do not boil.
Add the china grass syrup to it, mix well stirring continuously for 2-3 minutes.

Remove from flame and pour in the mold over the biscuit layer.
Refrigerate until set. Decorate with whipped cream and mango cubes.

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